• The Lovelies sisters

    Welcome to Lovelies ~ a sweet cookie and candy company owned by three sisters. We offer a range of scrumptious sweets that are just as lovely to look at as they are to eat! :) We live in a small town just outside Amsterdam in the Netherlands and we share -besides our parents obviously- our passion for sweets & baking!
    We love-love-love baking and all of our cookies and sweets are made with heart and passion!

    Shirley, the eldest of the three of us, graduated with a degree in Management and then went on to work in finances. She loves to come up with out-of-the-box recipes, and is our “creative brain”.
    She is also in charge of scrapbooking our recipes, and mopping the floor.

    Rabia the second one, has been in more ventures than you can count on both hands, because of her enthousiasm to say “Yes” to, well, just about anything. She gained a degree in Management, Economics & Law, and luckily managed to master two more: washing the dishes and measuring up the licorice roots, for our Fruit- and Chocsiqles.

    Shahnaaz is the baby of the family. She also majored in Management, Economics & Law and then went on to earn a Masters in Law degree in Amsterdam. She has a keen eye for making sure all our sweets are made to perfection and she usually supervises this process sitting at our kitchentable sipping a chai latte.